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From the desk of Subir C Ray

Founder & CEO

"Globally 70% of deaths are caused by NCDs. Annually,15 million global deaths are preventable out of which approx. 2.5 million souls are from India alone where NCD pushes ~63 million below the poverty line every year. Oliswell Lifecare Solution is our attempt to innovate better living. The transformational solution make use of technology for remote accessibility and advanced techniques of artificial intelligence for early detection while using social media based micro learning for better follow-up care. ~700 million Indians and more than 4 billion globally stand to benefit from Oliswell".

About Oliswell

The current healthcare industry is thriving to move healthcare from the reactive to preventive model. While there are few solutions coming to market, they stay disintegrated from the mainstream clinical process. Oliswell Lifecare Solution aims at utilizing health data acquired digitally to drive data analytics and artificial intelligence and provide a comprehensive solution for entrenching preventive healthcare into the mainstream clinical process.

In short, Oliswell Lifecare solution is designed for saving life from premature death caused by non-communicable diseases.

Oliswell is one of its kind, extracting human medical data in as quickly as five minutes, empowering doctors with medical parameters that help them in quick decision-making. It drives the generation of data analytics in the background, which trigger comparative studies to make affordable health care more accessible. Oliswell provides comprehensive end-to-end solution within the standard process with add on facility like Micro Learning to Last Mile Population of low and middle income countries like India.

Our vision is to make Oliswell available at public locations (airports, train stations, public events, health clubs etc.) frequently visited by people as they go on with their daily lives. Making fast and user-friendly health screening accessible in these locations could potentially encourage fruitful use of 5 mins of their idle time for preventive care.

Don’t Just Sit, Sit on Oliswell.

At its first phase, Oliswell is positioned to helping India ensure that the vision of “Ayushman Bharat” is more effective, through early detection of NCD and enabling faster treatments through means of remote care.